SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu)

Welcome to Syntheticity SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu)'s distribution website!

This is the place where you'll find many SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu) voicebanks. Please stay tuned because SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu) is a new voicebank and is not known to the world yet.

This voicebank was developed and voiced by @Chips0986 AKA @ariasynth_chiyu

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SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu) is an AI voicebank. She will be released on some AI Synthesis apps! Such as COEIROINK, NNSVS/ENUNU and *maybe* many more!


SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu) RVC AI Voicebank

SC-067 (Utsukushiku Chiyu) COEIROINK coming soon!

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